New and Noteworthy in Version 2.0

"Light Style" - a new modern looking style

A new modern looking rendering style has been added. It uses light and unobstrusive colors with a high contrast between the individual painted layers of the 3D model. The rendering style is the default on all new installations. When upgrading from an older GCodePrintr version you can choose the "light style" in the options (Graphics->Rendering Style)

Splash screen

New splash screen when starting GCodePrintr

Adapt rendering to screen aspect ratio

Previous versions of GCodePrintr had a fixed aspect ratio which caused a ugly bar on devices which had a different aspect ratio. V2.0 can adjust the aspect ratio of the rendering area dynamically. It is optimized for 16:9 devices therefore 4:3 devices will still see a small bar but much smaller than before.

Switch extruder button icons to speed+/- when printing

GCodePrintr allows to adjust the print speed while printing (using M220 gcode). Since the extrude/retract buttons are not needed during print, these buttons are used for adjusting the speed. Now the button icons will change when a print is running to make it visible to the user. Tip: long press on speed+/- will adjust the extrusion rate (M221 gcode).

New printer control icons

Printer control icons have been refreshed.

New notification icons

GCodePrintr can run in the background and show the print status in the the Android notification area. The icons for the notification area have been refreshed.

Redesign of existing rendering themes

The rendering themes autumn, gray, blue fade and colorful have been updated as well.

New Layout for 7" and smaller screens

The layout of the print panel has been improved for 7" and smaller screens. It makes better use of the existing space and improves the usability.

New Status Bar Design

The status bar design has been significantly improved. It shows the extruder and heat bed temperature in large letters as well as the current state message (printing, remaining time,..). Two icons show the connection state as well as the print/pause state.

Improved Temperature Control

Fixed temperature presets can be turned off to allow the temperatures to be changed freely (infinitely variable). Temperatures can now be changed during print as well. New labels above the sliders for extruder and print bed temperature show the choosen temperature. The temperature labels get automatically updated with the target temperarure when the temperature monitoring is enabled and the printer responds with a different target temperature. (only if temperature presets are disabled).

Improved Web Interface

The web interface to watch the print status remotely has been redesigned. It shows additional information like the last executed gcode. It now allows to set the temperature of the extruder and heat bed remotely or reset the printer remotely.

Welcome Dialog with printer selection

When starting GCodePrintr for the first time it will pop up a dialog to ask the user about the 3D printer. Currently this is only used as additional support information, but in future releases it will automatically set the corresponding printer options (e.g. Bed size).

Up to 9 user-defined macros

GCodePrintr allows to configure user defined gcode macros (e.g. for filament change). Now up to 9 user-defined macros are allowed

Low Battery Warning

GCodePrintr is checking the current battery level when starting a print.

It will pop up a warning message if:

Support for round print bed

The gcode rendering area does now support round bed sizes as well. The center of the circle is 0:0

Support for large bed sizes 600x600

The gcode rendering area does now support the 600x600 bed size. (e.g. for Gigabot)

Additional Hardware support

The following hardware enhancements have been added:

Improved GCode parsing and rendering

Improved debugability and error reporting

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